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Greg Boycott

Kira - November 9th, 2020 at Cranbrook 

I always look forward to shooting with Kira.  She was the first one to honor me with her time and to this day remains the yardstick by which all shoots of mine are measured.  Whenever we get together, we can't fail.

These shots were edited with various trials of new software and new features within Photoshop.  Also new tutorials, always looking to expand my skill set.

We were very lucky to immediately find this patch of Sunlight.  The B+W image is kind of a "Let's try something" where I used software to rotate her eyes to camera left.  I don't think it was totally successful.

The Fourth image is perhaps an exercise in rule-breaking due to her position i the lower right corner of the frame but for some reason I think it works.

The next image we wanted very badly to incorporate the Bridge above her head but no combination of lenses I brought were going to make it happen without making her this small in the frame.  Is the image a failure?  I don't think so:  at full size she looks great and you don't miss the bridge.  Should it be cropped?  I say no, it has its place, as it is, in the series.

Image 7, I took a lot of heat in critique groups for including so much tree, and having lens flare exist on her dress.  I should probably go back and fix that latter issue.  As to the former, I like the Tree it has a lot of character and the V shape it makes is symbolic.

Image 8 is my favorite in the green dress.  I may edit it again from scratch as it doesn't quite read right on devices though it looks great on a photoshop calibrated monitor.  It should look great everywhere, of course.

Image 9 is tied for my all-time favorite Kira image, ever.  I really went to town on this one since it wasn't going to be a part of a series.  We were shut down by Campus Security for using gear and it was too dark to try to shoot "natural light".  We tried a couple of locations outside of the campus but I think the momentum was lost.  I decided to go full visual arts on this and make it flow into the realm of fantasy.   I usually try to warm up skin tones but this time I went cool and the color scheme leapt out from there.  

I like to go for a dozen finished shots, and there's a couple more on the roll that might work, but the 9 we got I am very happy with.

Evaluating what to learn going forward:  I do to much right facing stuff.  It's okay to face left sometimes.  More shapes, more expression, more movement.  Posing a model is not my strong suit.  YET.

-Greg Boycott