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Greg Boycott

2022 - July with Devin Rae and Kira

Very excited to work with Devin Rae again!  Northville never disappoints, even after landing on a fairly lackluster park.  A little poking around and we found this amazing abandoned plant...could've spent the whole shoot there.  Got to break in a new 120" Parabolic from Godox.  Looking forward to more with Devin Rae and maybe introduce her sister, too!

​Earlier in the month, Kira and I shot in Farmington Hills, where I had previously shot Devin Rae.  Found all kinds of fresh areas there and, of course, Kira is amazing as always, never failing to bring a fresh look to the shoot.  The wind was a challenge, but at least on one occasion added majestic hair blowing lol.

-Greg Boycott