Lets make art

I am a Photographer who has been learning and improving since 2014.  In that time, with a little help from family and friends, I have learned many tricks of the trade and have mastered my craft with the tools and resources needed to provide an excellent result that showcases my unique vision.  

Mostly a  Hobbyist, I currently only charge for shoots that generate revenue.  I seek people to trade their time for the Photographs I produce, whether you just want have a little fun and have some beautiful pictures of yourself for Social Media or you wish to establish and/or build a Portfolio of your own, I am confident we can work together to create fantastic art.

If you've gotten this far, like what you see, and are interested in working together, please use the contact tab above to pass along your info.

Thanks for taking the time and I hope to hear from you soon!

-Greg Boycott


Greg Boycott

photo portfolio

Currently I shoot with Nikon Z6II Mirrorless, Full-Frame Camera and prime Nikon lenses.  I use Godox lighting gear and modifiers.